Public Safety Dive Event San Diego, CA

09:00 am - 04/07/2017

@ DUI - Diving Unlimited International

1148 Delevan Drive
San Diego CA  92102

DUI’s DiveOps program continues to move forward with providing support
and education for Public Safety Teams conducting surface and subsurface
waterborne operations. From interactive seminars with speakers from all
over the world, to in-water workshops and equipment demonstrations,
there is much to be gained by attending any of the listed events. Whether
you have a seasoned team or your team is just beginning, you will obtain
valuable information.
When: Friday, April 7
Host: National University Polytechnic Institute
Where: National University, 3570 Aero Court San Diego, CA 92123
Cost: NC
Includes: Seminar, Manual, Lunch, Workshop, hands-on in-water
See for more information
Registration 9:00am
Workshop “Risk Management” 9:30am
Dive Rescue International / IADRS 10:30am
Lunch (included for all participants) 12:00pm
Interspiro Divator Surface Supply System 1:00-5:00pm
Dive Workshop (incl. drysuit, Full Face Mask) 1:00-5:00pm
Pre-registration with DUI is requested. While last minute additions are possible,
we must have a good idea of attendance so we have enough program materials.
The program will include:
- Risk mitigation through advanced technology
- Medical effects on divers in contaminated water and how to protect yourself
- Decontamination techniques and solutions
- Surface support techniques, line tending, communication
- Grant and fundraising availability and techniques
- Equipment demonstrations of drysuits, full face masks, & surface supplied air

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